In a “Hurley in the Morning” - WPG Talk Radio Exclusive, the unelected Atlantic City Political potentate, Craig Callaway, broke a trio of issues pertaining to Atlantic City and the District 2 Congressional election.


Both sides of this upcoming “Yes or No” question have been waiting for Callaway’s decision.

Would he support the change from the current a Mayor Council form of government to a new Council - Manager format?

If so, will he be unleashing his vaunted “Vote by Mail” operation?

Or, will he oppose the change and work hard to defeat it?

The verdict is in. Callaway confirmed to me that he will oppose the change, and, that he “will work overtime to defeat it.”

Callaway stated on-air that he agrees with UNITE-HERE Local 54 President Bob McDevitt. There needs to be changes made.

“I agree with Bob,” said Callaway. “He calls it a cartel. He’s right. There needs to be major changes made. We agree about that.”

Callaway called it a really close call. But, he opted to oppose it, because the new form of government does not include the right for the people to use Initiative and referendum.

The Special Election is set for Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

If the question passes, the form of government will change from a mayor and nine council members to a five-member council-manager format.

The City Administration initially tried a bogus administrative move to try and keep the question off of the ballot.

They hollowly asserted that a Notary Public utilized was not certified at the time of the petition signature gathering.

There was no merit to this claim and the city folded and certified the citizen’s petition as sufficient, which it always was in the first place.

The current Mayor, Marty Small is adamantly against the change. No surprise. Because, if it’s successful, he’s out.

Small has called it a billionaire North Jersey takeover, which is patently false. The change of government effort is home grown. Locals are running it.

McDevitt chairs the Committee himself. Residents for Good Government is the official name of the Committee.

McDevitt, along Resorts Casino Hotel owner, Morris Bailey and former State Senator Ray Lesniak are leading the “Yes” movement.

This dynamic trio was instrumental in working to defeat casino gaming expansion into North Jersey. They are unquestionably pro-Atlantic City, very good actors.

Resorts Casino President and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Giannantonio was a major leader of the coalition that defeated North Jersey casino expansion.


Callaway reviewed the future of Small as Mayor of Atlantic City in great detail.

First, he assured that Small will not receive the endorsement of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee in the upcoming June, 2020 Primary election.

If true, and it appears to be the case, it makes Small’s path to victory, well, small (pun intended).

It’s very tough to win off-of-the Democrat line in Atlantic City.

We detailed in a previous column that a crowded field is lining-up to run for Mayor, because they sense a profound weakness in Small’s electability.


We have confirmed that NJTV Host Michael Aron is a reader of our column about the infamous Harrison and Craig Callaway diner meeting.

Harrison aggressively attempted to hire Callaway for her 2nd District Congressional campaign.

In a recent television interview, Aron advised Harrison that he read a column (my column) about her meeting with Callaway.

Aron asked Harrison about her telling Callaway that “Amy Kennedy is not running and will be supporting my candidacy,” Harrison told Callaway during their meeting.

Harrison’s nuanced answer to Aron was that “I know what article you are referring to. I never talked with the writer.”

That’s true. She didn’t speak with me on this point. But, she did say it to Callaway in front of multiple witnesses.

She had to know that this was not true when she said it to Callaway. Kennedy was officially in the race within a day or so of this meeting.

Harrison was feverishly trying to lock Callaway’s support in prior to Kennedy entering the race.

Harrison demonstrated in the Aron interview, that you have to be very precise when speaking with her.

NOTE: Look for a separate major breaking story regarding the Atlantic City change of government ballot question.

It will be a Hurley - WPG exclusive.

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