At it's regular monthly meeting Tuesday, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) approved several measures, including establishing an open container area where people can drink alcohol on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and they moved on purchasing a strip club on Pacific Avenue.

According to notes posted on its website, the CRDA signed-off on allowing the sale of alcohol, "by a licensed premises located adjacent to the designated open container area to a patron who is at least 21 years old and permits the patron to remove and consume a single beverage in the open container area."

Those open container areas mirrored what was included in Mayor Small's executive order from last summer -- on the Boardwalk between Sovereign Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue; on Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue, and Saint James Place between Pacific Avenue and the Boardwalk, and the non-residential areas of Gardner’s Basin with the exception of the Marina.

CRDA Board Chairman Robert Mulcahy said in a statement, "The CRDA is supporting the provisions of the legislation approved by the Legislature and Governor by allowing beverages in the most widely visited areas of the Tourism District. Visitors to Atlantic City will now be able to enjoy the full benefits that are offered by other vacation destinations."

Meanwhile, surprising some on social media, the CRDA Board also authorized the authority to establish a $1.3 million fund and they authorized the negotiation and execution of an agreement to buy Delilah's Den at 2405 Pacific Avenue, which is located across the street from Boardwalk Hall.

CRDA Executive Director Matt Doherty stated about the planned purchase, "We have received letters of support from Mayor Small, the Atlantic City Police Department and the NAACP which support the purchase of this property by the Authority. We believe that purchasing this property will have a positive impact in improving the quality of life in the Tourism District."

While the CRDA hasn't commented further on the purchase of Delilah's Den, it's pretty safe to assume they won't continue to operate the property as a strip club after the purchase is finalized.

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