We can (almost) guarantee that you can't answer this one very simple question about Atlantic City correctly.

This bit of trivia involves a very common landmark right in the middle of the city and the answers (yes, there are more than one) are clearly visible to everyone who passes this building.

Yet, this question has nothing to do with the boardwalk itself, the casinos, or city government.

Boardwalk Hall

This question involves Boardwalk Hall.

Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
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First, a bit of history before we ask the question; this might provide some clues.

The facility opened in 1926 and the main hall is 310-feet wide, 456-feet long, and 137-feet tall.

Boardwalk Hall is famously known for having hosted The Miss America Pageant from 1940 to 2006 and again from 2013 through 2019.

It was also the venue for the August 1964 Democratic National Convention and countless world-class concerts, such as Judy Garland in 1961 and The Beatles in 1964; hundreds of others have been there.

The building has also seen dozens of sporting events from professional boxing to high school wrestling and it was home to an ice hockey and indoor football team over the years.

And it is with that variety of shows having taken place inside Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall that brings us to our very simple yet rather difficult trivia question.

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The question

If you are standing in front of Boardwalk Hall on the Boardwalk at Kennedy Plaza, looking at the building, there are five words at the top of each side of Boardwalk Hall.

Boardwalk Hall trivia - Photo: Chris Coleman / TSM Illustration
Boardwalk Hall trivia - Photo: Chris Coleman / TSM Illustration

What are those ten words?

Truth be told, I can't find the exact meaning of those ten words, but I think it's safe to assume that they are the types of things that the venue would highlight or showcase. If you do know, please reach out to me.

Stop scrolling here -- make your guesses now -- the answers are next...




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