A direct descendant of Walt Disney is called out the right-wing and those who supported the Florida "Don't Say Gay" bill that would prohibit “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Abigail Edna Disney is a documentary film producer and philanthropist who is the daughter of Patrician Ann and Roy E. Disney, which makes her the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded The Walt Disney Company alongside her granduncle, Walt. Although she has no official title or ties to the company, she has been outspoken about the company over the years.

Most recently, she posted a thread of 13 tweets on April 1 concerning supporters of the "Don't Say Gay" bill who are boycotting The Walt Disney Company as the Disney leaders are attempting to fight the legislation.

This also followed conservative activist Christopher Rufo's vow to wage "moral war" against Disney after the company announced that it will He revealed that his goal is to turn "half their customers against them."

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"Like all radical ideologues, the right wing has finally run amok and is coming to devour the hand that feeds it. Business," Abigail tweeted. "For my part I am delighted. It is the business world that has been, either by act or omission, feeding the opportunist right wing to distract Us with culture war nonsense while they rifle through the till and empty everyone's pockets."

Abigail noted that the "anti-woke right wing nonsense" is unsupported by the majority of Americans, who are offended by it. She even compared the situation to the classic Disney film, The Lion King.

"You need two things to rule with a minority. First, you need to be constantly looking for fresh meat to throw to the minions, to keep them riled up all the time. That works until the herd thins (remember Scar [the villain] in Lion King?)," she continued. "So now they've come for American Businesses. It was really only a matter of time. But the second thing you need to rule with a minority is money, lots of it. You need the very deep pockets to fund you, yes, and if they don't, you need them to sit quietly along the sidelines, out of your way."

Abigail believes that the company has "everything it needs to fight this threat, if only it will have the courage to weather the slings and arrows and threats and name-calling." She hopes that the people in leadership can stand for the company's values "with every fiber of their being."

Read her full thread, below.

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