We all know that every job has some level of stress attached to it. How much stress? Well that depends on the field and industry.

NJ.com has just released a list of the top occupations in the Garden State. The list was compiled by the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics and put together by NJ.com. These jobs are the top occupations by the number of people employed in that field and the median wage. The list of jobs also represent what occupations are responsible for driving the economy in the Garden State.

Here are the top 5 Jersey jobs:

  • MaboHH

    Fire Inspectors and Investigators

    This important field led to having 1,010 people employed and is 299% more common in New Jersey then the rest of the country. The median wage is $52,450.

  • diego cervo
    diego cervo

    Building Cleaning Workers

    This occupation employed 1,400 hard working employees and is 331% more common in our state than the rest of the U.S. The median wage is $37,120.

  • AdamGregor

    Marriage and Family Therapists

    This is a popular profession in Jersey which employed 4,080 and is 392% more common in Jersey. The  median wage is $74,720 a year.

  • 2

    Biochemist and Biophysicists

    3,540 people were employed in the Garden State in this field. The median wage was $112,150. This profession is 430% more common in NJ than the rest of the country.

  • Dean Bertoncelj
    Dean Bertoncelj


    This profession is 554% more common in New Jersey then the rest of the U.S.! In fact, 2,380 people were employed as shampooers and the median yearly salary is $19,440.

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