A dolphin has been trapped in a small creek in Cape May Court House for several days and the locals are concerned for its health.

Video Shows a Dolphin Caught in a Creek

A story on 6ABC caught my attention this morning. People from Cape May Court House have been keeping an eye on a dolphin that somehow became trapped in a small body of water off Rt 47.

According to the report, locals began to notice the dolphin swimming in the creek a few days ago and have been checking in at the creek site several times a day to see how the dolphin was doing.

Local Residents Contacted the Marine Mammal Stranding Center

The 6ABC report noted that the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine had been contacted about the dolphin and the director said they were bringing in special equipment from out of state to move the dolphin back to its natural habitat.

Not the First Time This Has Happened

You may remember a similar story in 2016 when a bottle-nose dolphin somehow made its way into a creek in Cape May County and became stuck in a muddy section of the shallow creek.

In that situation, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center eventually caught the dolphin in a net and released it into Delaware Bay.

At that time, experts theorized that the dolphin may have been looking for food and became trapped during low tide.

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