The experiment of 9 days of early voting (October 28-November 5, 2023) has been conducted and it’s once again a colossal failure.

Early voting in New Jersey ended yesterday at 6:00 p.m.

Here are the numbers:

There are 200,737 registered voters in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Only 4,676 voters utilized the early voting that was provided at the 7 designated polling sites throughout Atlantic County.

Here is the pathetic breakdown as follows:

Atlantic County Elections graphic.
Atlantic County Elections graphic.

Besides being able to say that New Jersey wants to give every biter as many opportunities to vote as possible … there is no legitimate reason to keep this practice alive after this election.

A whopping 2 percent of the voters utilized this method of voting.

We are in the process of getting the financial data with regards to the overall cost involved.

There is another reason to end this practice. Potentially disqualifying and other pertinent facts can easily present themselves in the last 9 days of an election.

For those who have already voted … you can’t ask for your vote back.

New Jersey has 9 days of this early voting madness. Some states have weeks of early voting.

So, in America, we no longer have Election Day. We have Election Season.

Remember when we used to have Presidential elections in one day and we knew who won that same day?

This has now been twisted into something that is becoming unrecognizable.

A friend sent me a text about 2 weeks ago. He write me the following:

India has 800 million registered voters with ID and all vote on 1 day … and, they know the winner on same day … And, we cannot do that in USA?

It’s a very fair point. We have about 260 million people in America. About 1/2 are registered voters.

Yet, our election process has devolved into an absolute hot mess.

Elections never end. We just have finality for the citizens to have confidence in our election results.

We need to go “back to the future.” We need to have one Election Day.

If for some reason you can’t vote at the polls; sick, away, adult children in college … Absentee Ballots should be made available that are strictly managed.

In Connecticut, a Judge has ordered a new Democratic Primary Election because a person was caught on video, stuffing an early voting drop box with ballots.

Thus is happening all over the country with great regularity.

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