Last Sunday morning, the Getty Family's house in Egg Harbor Township caught fire and they lost everything.

Patty, a mother of six kids and wife to a loving husband, went out grocery shopping Saturday night when she came home to a torrential downpour.  In the hopes to keep the groceries dry, she decided to take a nap in the car until the storm passed. Next thing Patty saw was horrifying; she woke up around 3AM in her car to see her entire house on fire with her family inside from what was believed to be from an electrical short in the kitchen. Without hesitation, Patty ran into the house to wake up her family and rush them out the house. Needless to say there is nothing left of their home.

Friends, neighbors, and family have started a GoFundMe page to help the Getty's get back on their feet.  This family is apparently the one who would go out of their way to help others and are so kind, which is why people feel the need to give back to such a loving family in such a difficult time.

If you cannot donate, simply comment, like, or share this story to help spread the word.

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