Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner says an Egg Harbor Township man has pleaded guilty to third-degree witness tampering in connection to social media posts made about the April Kauffman murder trial.

John Kachbalian - Photo: ACPO
John Kachbalian - Photo: ACPO

According to a press release, 55-year-old John Kachbalian pleaded guilty on Thursday in exchange for a recommended sentence of probation conditioned upon 364 days in the Atlantic County Justice Facility. The plea also calls for no contact and no further use of Facebook as per the Prosecutor’s wishes.

Last August, Kachbalian was arrested at his home following the execution of an arrest warrant that was the result of an investigation conducted by the ACPO Major Crimes Unit. At that time, Kachbalian was charged with 1st degree Witness Tampering, 3rd degree Invasion of Privacy, and 4th degree Cyber-Harassment. reports the arrest was in connection to several Facebook posts made by Kachbalian that included references to the April Kauffman murder case and the "rats" who pleaded guilty and would be testifying against Ferdinand Augello.

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