People are talking about the raisin again!

Not just any raisin. It's the Raisin located at Little's Dairy Bar at Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township.

The purple raisin has been greeting ice cream lovers and motorists for generations.

On the "Original Egg Harbor Township Happenings 08234" Facebook page, someone posted, "I’m going to murder the Little’s raisin. It is my enemy" - and, the ball began rolling!

First came the haters:

-I hate it!

-Death to the raisin!

-The worst!

-I, for one, have had enough of this cursed raisin!

-We hate him!

-He looks like he smoked too much!

Now, technically, the raisin is located in front of the house next to Little's Dairy Bar, but we all know it as "Little's Raisin."

According to Roadside America, the raisin has a history:

As a pop culture phenomenon, the California Raisins peaked in the late 1980s. One of their fans lived in New Jersey (some 3,000 miles from California) and -- according to local lore -- built a 20-foot-tall Raisin for his miniature golf course on the Wildwood boardwalk. But fame is fleeting. The Raisins' popularity waned, and the golf course went out of business in the early 1990s.

The mini-golf Raisin, however, had a fan in Richard Little. He rescued the wrinkly icon, trucked it up the coast and several miles inland, and stood it in the front yard of his house, next to his ice cream stand. People seemed not to mind that it had nothing to do with ice cream. In fact, customers gradually stopped referring to the business as Little's Dairy Bar. They called it (and still do) "The Raisin."

Richard Little's daughter and son-in-law took over the business in the late 1990s. They created an ice cream cone for the Raisin to hold, but its presence is still pretty puzzling.

OK, back to the comments. Now the crazy ones:

- Was this grape consensual in being turned into a raisin and set out as a public figure like this?

- Omg.... just passed the raisin today and said where's it's head? But now looking at these pics I see the raisin IS the head . Anyway... it's an icon.

-Poor raisin. Never hurt nobody.

- Poor raisin. He watches over an ice cream stand, but never gets any Ice cream. I heard it thru the grape vine

-It’s not a gigantic testicle with a face?? (EDITOR'S NOTE: HEY!!!!)

- Shrooms and some quiet time on the grass with that giant raisin on a warm summer night, is all you need to better understand him...

Finally, many give love to the raisin:

-I like it. It’s whimsical and something different. I respect his right to decorate his property however he wants.

- I will meet with sword and shield to defend my lifelong favorite ice cream spots mascot. dare you enter the radius of 15 feet to my beloved dried grape king, I shall rid you of this land and send thee upwards into the beyond.

- Aww I like the raisin , he could use a little makeover but he just stands there smiling and watches every one get there ice cream and never begs for an ice cream cone of his own

Long live the Little's raisin!

- If your biggest problem right now is a huge raisin, I think you’re doing alright #firstworldproblems

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