We were just on the scene of a Memorial Day Weekend event in Ocean City, New Jersey.

On Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 11:00 a.m., we observed the following;

An enthusiastic group of citizens have gathered to oppose the current state of New Jersey push to install behemoth wind turbines in the Atlantic Ocean.

This political, ideological push by New Jersey state government has been met with massive disapproval of citizens and most all local governments alike.

Only functionary order-taker Democrat politicians lIke Marty Small (Atlantic City) and outgoing Longport Mayor Nick Russo have remained silent about this contentious issue.

Even worse, Small and Russo and by extension, Atlantic City and Longport have supported the offshore wind turbine projects.

The citizens of New Jersey have observed a record number of Whales and Dolphins wash ashore dead over the past few years.

This has not stopped the state of New Jersey and Joe Biden federal government from continuing to push for the implementation of this universally unpopular offshore wind project.

The group of today’s protestors began at the foot of the 9th Street Bridge in Ocean City, were an orderly and highly professional protest began.

Their various signs read:

Stop Windmills - Save Our Shore - Jeff Van Drew

No Offshore Wind


Boondoggle (With lots of $$$$ signs)
Save Our Shore

Here are some photos from the start of today’s protest event:

Harry Hurley photos.
Harry Hurley photos.

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew has been relentless in his unwavering support to try and defeat the implementation of offshore windmills.

His leadership, along with New Jersey state legislators, Vince Polistina, Michael Testa, Claire Swift, Don guardian … along with a strong contingent of local Mayor’s like Vince Sera of brigantine … directly led to stopping the Orsted development project in its tracks.

However, the state of New Jersey and Biden administration continues to power on … as this is a major part of the energy strategy … to try and move away from traditional oil and natural gas energy.

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