If you're a hoagie connoisseur and a lover of fried meats, then you're definitely going to want a bite of the deep-fried deliciousness called the 'Zoagie.'

Full disclaimer, that hoagie above is nothing like the 'Zoagie.'

The 'Zoagie' is described as a "one-of-kind, deep-fried hoagie." And it sure sounds like it! We're talking a deep fried hoagie roll with meats like chicken, shrimp, fish or crab...or all of the above if you're brave enough! Of course add on some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and special sauces to make the perfect hoagie.

Watch the video from NJ.com below, and take a drive over to Pennsville on Route 49 for a bite of a 'Zoagie:'

Read the full article about Ezell Barnes and how the 'Zoagie' came to life.


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