Did you know that a very famous variety store started the iconic sneaker and sports store Foot Locker?

The iconic Woolworth’s founded Foot Locker in 1974.

The first Woolworth store was created by Frank Winfield Woolworth on February 22, 1879 and hailed as "Woolworth's Great Five Cent Store" in Utica, New York.

The Utica store appeared to be successful, but, failed and soon there after, Woolworths launched in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1879.

The Lancaster store prices to be successful.

On Ocean Avenue and the Boardwalk, Woolworths opened a large store … Woolworths joined with The Hotel New Belmont and they shared a brand new facade.

Ultimately, the 21st Century proved to be the demise of Woolworth’s, which closed in 2008.

Time and a new generation simply passed by Woolworth’s after 129 years.

The 19th President of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes was in office when Woolworth’s first opened its doors in 1879.

Woolworth’s saw great success after the Utica, New York failure.

According to New Jersey Memories, “It had mahogany counters with glass dividers and glass-fronted showcases. The store was brightly lit, new, and the wooden floor was polished to a lustrous shine. The layout was soon adopted by Frank for his F. W. Woolworth stores.”

For many years, the Woolworth’s model was as a five and dime store. Ultimately, they took the limits away. And in the 1960s opened up additional stores by the name of Woolco.

In 1979, Woolworths celebrated its 100th Anniversary, and the Guinness book of world records called Woolworth’s, the biggest store chain of its kind in the world.

Woolworth’s also purchased Kinney shoe stores in 1963, which really was the precursor for Woolworths to create The Foot Locker stores in 1974,

The Foot Locker stores became famous for their employees wearing referee, black and white striped jerseys as their uniform.

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