The NHL is back and playing albeit to empty arenas. Part of the pageantry of NHL hockey are the mascots. The Philly Flyers mascot Gritty is one of the most popular mascots in the sport. The big orange "Muppet" became a huge part of the fun of attending a Flyers game a few years ago.

According to Flyer folklore, Gritty evolved after being discovered in his hovel during the construction of the Wells Fargo Center. He was introduced in September of 2018. He's a big hit not only in Philadelphia but throughout the internet and including England where a Flyer and Gritty fan created Grittney, the disturbing female version of Gritty.

The creator is Riot Rogers, a costume designer and prop maker out of London who's been cleverly positioning her creation in fun and disturbing situations and sharing everything on Twitter. She claims she wanted Grittney to be "upsettingly sexy." Well she's upsetting but also very funny.

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The New Jersey Devils mascot the Jersey Devil has been around since 1993 he's also a mainstay in internet activity but no one has taken the time to make an "upsettingly sexy Jersey devil." The last time I saw an upsettingly sexy Jersey devil was when I ran into Snooki in costume on Halloween.

The New York Rangers are one of the only teams in the NHL to never have a mascot. Apparently he never made it out of the subway.

Good mascots add a little fun to a sporting event and the fandom that springs up around them adds to the connection we have with the team. Although, some fans maybe go a little too far with their creations. Whenever we can go back to the arenas and the next time you're at the hockey game, say hi to Gritty and the Jersey Devil and enjoy the game.

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