If you travel the Garden State Parkway in Ocean County then you definitely want to be aware that the only rest area in the county, Forked River, will be closing on or about September 9th, 2019.

There is no word on what exactly will be done during the refurbishment project, or how long the project will take. There is rumor that it will re-open by Memorial Day, 2020. The price tag estimated at 11.5 million dollars. So plan your travel accordingly as this will definitely affect many on their drive along the GSP. The Monmouth County rest area went through the refurbishment project last year.

Shawn Michaels

I noticed this weekend that the GSP had notices on the roadway alerting motorists that the Forked River rest area will be closing for renovations on or around September 9th, so keep that in mind after Labor Day weekend as we get back to our regular schedule for the Fall.

Shawn Michaels

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