Is it me or is the State of New Jersey looking to become a primary location for lights, cameras, and action?!  More and more scenes watched in our moments of binge or return the big screens are being shot on location in a familiar New Jersey community.

There’s word now that Netflix may be literally setting up shop in Monmouth County.  Rumors of them landing the real estate of the former Fort Monmouth military base are circulating statewide.

What will that mean?  New TV shows?; New Movies?;  New traffic issues?

What is Fort Monmouth?

Fort Monmouth, a US Army military base located in and around the areas of Eatontown, Tinton Falls, and Ocean Port NJ was recommended to close by Pentagon in 2005.  The official closing took place on September 15, 2011.

Recently, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority communicated that they are looking for new tenants to occupy the newly developed 289-acre footprint.

How does Netflix play into this?

FMERA's position on the new purchasers is said to include a variety of categories.  They are open to Clean Energy, Technology, Food and Beverage, and the Film industry.

Bruce Steadman, executive director of the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority, is not commenting on the rumor of Netflix being a contender.

John Boyd, from the Boyd Co Inc, who works with corporate site managements, told the Asbury Park Press that New Jersey…

"… is a sharp night-and-day cosmopolitan contrast to other current Netflix locations in New Mexico and Georgia. Being located just minutes away from New York City, home to Broadway, the media, the arts, Madison Avenue advertising, Wall Street financing and major league sports are all synergies that a Fort Monmouth location brings to the table for Netflix."


What else could Fort Monmouth be developed for?

An alternative plan is to develop a retail/neighborhood village.  This would include 302 residential units.  A good portion of those units would accommodate affordable, and low to moderate-income housing.  A few developers were interested at one point over the past few years, but then dropped their bids

This is all part of Governor Phil Murphy’s attempt to sweeten the pot for Hollywood with tax breaks to bring more operations to the Garden State.

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