I was reading some news stories the other day and one from FOX News popped-up. They asked the question, "whatever happened to Atlantic City?"

Atlantic City has seen its share of bad press over the past few years, mainly highlighting the casinos that closed a while back. But since then, generally speaking, things have been looking up -- especially lately with Stockton's Atlantic City campus getting ready to open and the summer of 2018 being defined by the grand openings of Hard Rock and Ocean Resort.

So when I saw this video called, "whatever happened to Atlantic City," from FOX News, I was honestly expecting yet another hit piece from a media outlet (stop me if you've seen this before: video played across the nation highlighting everything bad happening in town).

But that's not what they did. The entire story focuses on all of the great things happening in Atlantic City -- imagine that! A positive national news story about Atlantic City...

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