According to AAA, gas prices have set another record high to start the week.

A gallon of regular gas now averages $4.61 per gallon, up three cents since Sunday.

Every New Jersey county is seeing average prices at $4.50 per gallon, and above, for regular. Essex and Somerset Counties have the highest local averages at $4.70 per gallon.

Gas has increased 57-cents per gallon over the last month and by more than $1.50 per gallon over the last year.

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Rising oil prices continue to drive fuel prices higher, and analysts see little relief.

Diesel is also selling at record levels, $6.26 per gallon.

Sustained high fuel prices will have potentially severe impacts on the New Jersey economy. Aside from increasing the cost of delivering goods to state businesses, high gas prices could also impact the state's tourism industry.

Several measures have been proposed to help ease the pain of gas prices, but no legislative action has been taken.

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