Holiday decorating can be a lot of fun and put us into the spirit of the season.  However, sometimes when we are decorating, we might not think about potential hazards.  Here are some tips to make sure your holiday season is festive and safe. 

First, let’s talk about Christmas Tree placement.  Even if the label on your Christmas Tree reads “Fire Resistant,” avoid positioning your tree near the fireplace, heating ducts or radiators.  If you have a live tree, check the water level and keep it hydrated. 

Second, think about all of your different indoor/outdoor light displays and inflatables.  They all need a source of power.  Plugging one light strand into the other into the other into the other, which plugs into an extension cord, which leads to a power strip could be dangerous.  Be mindful of wattage levels and use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet so you do not overload circuits. 

Third, check to make sure the inflatables are properly secured.  A windy day can cause your decorations to be dangerous projectiles. 

Also, use candles with caution.  Keep them away from curtains, bedding, walls and other materials that can easily catch fire.  Battery operated candles are a pleasant alternative.  Some of them even come with timers. 

For more information and details, click Safety Tips and best wishes for a safe and happy Holiday Season!

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