If you miss experiencing the true joy that comes with seeing the red neon "HOT NOW" sign at Krispy Kreme, your dreams are about to turn into reality.

According to 42freeway.com, a new Krispy Kreme was approved at Thursday night's planning board meeting in Deptford Township.

But what was approved wasn't just a store that will sell those ooey gooey delightfully hot doughnuts. Oh, no -- what was approved is a brand new prototype of a Krispy Kreme store that will include a full bakery that will stock stores that sell those doughnuts all across our area.

I mean, go big or go home, right?

In the very near future, you'll be able to shoot-up the Expressway, jump off the freeway, stock-up on hot, factory-fresh doughnuts, and be back home and they might just still be warm (assuming you don't devour them in the car).

Anyway, 42freeway.com reports the store will be built -- with a drive-thru -- in the parking lot (it won't be inside the mall) by where the old Sears store was.

Krispy Kreme has had a bit of a checkered history in our region. One store in Northfield opened a number of years ago to great fanfare but it didn't last long, while a handful of stores in and around Philadelphia also met their demise. At the moment, there are Krispy Kreme locations in Collingswood and around Philadelphia. But while Collingswood might be a bit of a hike for the Shore area, Deptford is just close enough where you might be willing to make a 45-minute trip for those hot circles of happiness.

Be sure to check out 42freeway.com for renderings of the new store and more.

And stop drooling.

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