NEWARK — A police officer who pulled a passenger off the tracks at Secaucus Junction won a half-million on a new NBC game show.

NJ Transit Officer Victor Ortiz and his wife Evelyn appeared on the The Wall Monday night and thanks to her knowledge and his luck with an electronic ball traveling down a four-story pegboard (similar to the Plinko board from The Price is Right), they won $499,899.

Their daughter. Roslyn, was in the audience to cheer them on. Evelyn was in an isolation chamber for much of the game, answering trivia questions — but did not know if she answered correctly.

Evelyn and Victor Ortiz on NBC's The Wall (Justin Lubin/NBC | 2017 NBCUniversal)Media, LLC

Without knowing how much Victor had won, Evelyn had to decide about signing a "contract" that would give the family a guaranteed payoff of $145,000 or whatever amount Victor had won. An emotional Evelyn tore the contract up before facing her husband.

"We're strong. You're strong. You did your best and I appreciate you. I love you. I love our life. So no matter what we're going to be good," Victor told Evelyn as her lip quivered. "WE'RE GOING HOME WITH HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!"

Chris Hardwick told the 16-year veteran's story throughout the hour — how he was working overtime in August, 2016 when an agitated, unmedicated Alan Jefferson, 56, of Elizabeth got off a train in an angry state, ran down the platform and jumped onto the tracks yelling “I’m not going to jail” repeatedly.

As Ortiz chased him, Jefferson jumped onto the tracks shouting "I just want to die."

Ortiz said he told Jefferson “you’re not going to die,” and with one mighty pull yanked Jefferson off the tracks in the knick of time as the train sped down the rails and then came to a halt.

LeBron James is the producer of the show, which debuted on Christmas.

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