Dr. Mehmet Oz has come out swinging against his opponent, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

Oz is publicizing a new website that has been launched by the Inmates for Fetterman coalition.

Oz and Fetterman are running for The United States Senate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In a very aggressive election tactic, the coalition has launched the website InmatesForFetterman.com

Oz is providing the public with specific details about people who the coalition says are responsible for murder and other violent crimes … only to be recommended for pardons by Fetterman.

The coalition presently lists 7 people, by name and includes specific details about their various alleged violent crimes and convictions.

“Inmates for Fetterman have John Fetterman to thank for advocating for the release of one-third of Pennsylvania's inmate population, defunding the police, decriminalizing drugs like heroin and fentanyl, and lesser sentences for murder convictions,” said the coalition.

Oz has revealed that he was unanimously endorsed by the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police.

To date, Fetterman has turned down all opportunities to debate Oz.

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The Senate seat in Pennsylvania May decide which major political party will hold the majority in The United States Senate, following the upcoming November 8, 2022 General Election.

The current makeup of The United States Senate is:

50 Republicans

48 Democrats

2 Independents (who organize with the Democrats).

This essentially makes the United States Senate a 50/50 evenly divided legislative chamber.

When each side holds the line, this has left Kamala Harris, Vice President of The United States as the pivotal tiebreaker during many consequential votes of the past nearly 2 years.

In the only duty formally outlined in the Constitution, The Vice President of The United States is The President of The United States Senate.

SOURCE: Dr. Mehmet Oz, InmatesForFetterman.com website.

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