James Franklin Oldham, who was better known as Jim O'Brien, died on September 25, 1983 in a tragic skydiving accident at age 43.

Jim O’Brien was born on November 20, 1939 in Belmont, Texas and he died on September 25, 1973 in New Hanover Township, Pennsylvania.

The entire Delaware Valley just loved Jim O’Brien. He was everything you wanted in an on-air personality. He was like able, funny and very engaging.

Jim O’Brien also had a great rapport with his colleagues, like the legendary Jim Gardner.

O’Brien’s official cause of death is listed as: “falling from height.”

Famous56.com describes Jim O’Brien like this:

The man from Waco, Texas, who Philadelphia adopted, as one of channel 6, as a sportscaster. However, it wasn't long before Jim became the "greatest" weatherman, the Delaware Valley had ever seen! No one, not even station management knew what zany antics Jim would do on any given day. Who cared about the weather, as long as Jim told us about it. From "Good Guys In The North", to "Bad Humdingers In The South". Who had ever heard of "Casa Grande", in Philly, before Jim told us about it.

In addition to doing the weather, Jim O’Brien also was an anchor for “Action News" at noon. He also hosted  "Dialing For Dollars" with Connie Roussin Spann.  Jim O’Brien also was the host of "Primetime,” a magazine type show, that aired on Saturday nights.

What many don’t know, is that him O’Brien had a daughter, who would go on to become a very famous actress.

Peri Gilpin, (born Peri Kay Oldham), played the iconic television character “Roz” on the Frasier television starring Kelsey Grammer.

Gilpin played Roz from 1983 until 2004, winning the role by beating-out more than 300 other actresses who competed in the casting call.

SOURCES: Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia & Famous56.com

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