Do you even lift, bro?

No, not that, we’re talking windshield wipers. To lift or not to lift - that is the question. I’m not sure when I first saw this ritual of pulling windshield wiper arms up and away from the windshield before a snowstorm. All I know is I didn’t see people doing this twenty years ago.

The theory, of course, is it will keep the rubber blades from freezing to the glass. Enough people now do this that you could know a snowstorm is coming without ever hearing a weather report.

So should you do it?

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Here’s why it works. Did you ever forget your wipers were on when you last shut down your engine so you start the ignition only to hear that awful sound of your wiper motor straining as the arms are stuck in place? Leaving them up and away from the windshield prevents motor burnout. It also keeps you from damaging the rubber on the blades if they’re frozen to the glass. Not to mention it makes clearing the snow off your windshield much easier.

Here’s why it doesn’t work. Leaving your wiper arms up and away means you’re putting tension on the very springs that hold your blades firmly on the glass. Over time they can be less effective and so can your wipers. Also, it encourages vandalism. I’m always shocked there aren’t parking lots filled with twisted wipers when people do this.

Now AAA says the thing about springs being weakened isn’t true but I know someone who says it happened to them.

So help settle the debate. Do you lift, bro? Take our poll below.

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