For the longest time I’ve been saying that Joe Biden is not the Democrat front runner.

Exactly like was the case with Jeb Bush in 2016 on the Republican side, each was the national media’s front runner.

In short, they were only the front runners until actually voters began to vote.

Once voters finally had their say, the media’s chosen favorites faded in spectacular fashion.

Biden is well on his way to another 4th place finish in this Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary Election.

The only Democrat to win the Democrat Nomination after losing Iowa and New Hampshire was John Kerry in 2004.

Kerry went on to lose both the Popular vote and Electoral College to President George W. Bush.

One thing is clear, the American people don’t care any longer who the media tells them is a “front runner,” or who they should vote for.

The people have been empowered by free and fair, open airwaves with two-way talk radio, the internet and other digital ways of becoming both involved and informed.

The New Hampshire Primary is turning into a two-man race between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

The latest poll has them within 1 percentage point. Buttigieg was very fortunate to have benefitted from the completely bogus Iowa Caucus process.

Buttigieg lost by a lot, but, Iowa Democrats rigged it, and, with that he left for New Hampshire with false momentum.

The penalty for this debacle should be that Iowa should forfeit its completely undeserved “First in the Nation” standing.

Iowa May actually succeed in altering who would have been the eventual Democrat Nominee.

In a future column, we’ll detail why a “brokered” Democrat Convention is becoming more likely by the day.

Because Democrats are not using a “Winner Take All” format, the Delegates are going to be split-up all over the place.

More on that next time.

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