BELLMAWR — A township gym has been given another chance to follow New Jersey's COVID-19 restrictions, as a judge Monday denied the state a new court order to lock the owners out for a second time.

Atilis Gym Bellmawr reacted to the ruling in their favor in a profanity-laced post on their business Facebook page. It said in part: "BATTLE WON, WAR STILL ON."

The state Office of the Attorney General issued a written statement Monday night pointing out that a Superior Court judge had "again issued a ruling requiring Atilis Gym to comply with the terms of the Department of Health's order."

Gov. Phil Murphy's Executive Order 157 limits gym use to individual training sessions in separate rooms.

"We are open for business — we're going to keep doing what we've been doing," Ian Smith, who owns the gym with Frank Trumbetti, said Tuesday to the Townsquare News Network.  "We're on day 127 — we're done with this nonsense."

Smith and Trumbetti were locked out of the gym in May for state health violations. They regained access a month ago to run nutrition and clothing sales, which the state says they violated in part by allowing indoor workouts.

"The court cautioned the gym owners today that strict compliance with the Department of Health’s order and Executive Order 157 is required," the state said Monday. "Although the court did not yet hold the gym’s owners in contempt, the court expressly invited the Commissioner to file a new emergent motion for contempt if the gym violates the order in any way.”

Smith said Tuesday they fully expect to hear from Murphy's administration again soon.

He previously said on Sunday that four months into the state's shutdown of gyms and fitness centers, "we have no plans to open and we've been given no help — the fact that anybody could think that's even remotely okay for any business or any family to go through is absurd."

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