On July 7, 2023, we first reported about preliminary tests that returned a positive result, confirming the presence of lead at an Atlantic City, New Jersey fire station.

The photograph (directly below) was taken today, Wednesday, September 27, 2023, which confirms that the abatement effort is continuing.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

This is Atlantic City Fire Station # 6, located at Annapolis Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

By clinical definition, lead is a toxic, highly poisonous metal that negatively affects almost every organ in the body and the nervous system.

We confirmed on July 7, 2023 that following the “positive" lead test result, Atlantic City Fire Chief Scott Evans closed Station 6 and moved the professional firefighters to Fire Station 4.

On this same day, we also spoke with John Varallo, President of the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters, Local # 198 for a public about the contamination.

Varallo immediately requested an investigation and told us:

When I receive all the relevant information, I will be in a much better position to offer a more detailed comment.

In the meantime, my main priority is the health of my members and their families and making sure that this situation does not impact the community negatively.

Although station 6 is currently closed, which will impact our response times, the members have been moved to station 4.

The City, Chief Evans, and the on duty Deputy Chief acted quickly to make the necessary changes, said Varallo.

A retired Atlantic City Public Safety Officer reached out to me and offered this assessment as of today:

The Annapolis Ave fire house has been closed for weeks now for some environmental issue. The residents of lower Chelsea have not been properly informed of any shut down. If there's any kind of fire or emergency then we would have to wait for trucks and services to come from Bader field or California Ave. This is unacceptable, with zero transparency and zero communication from The City.

Back on July 7, 2023, we also shared the stark reality that Atlantic City professional firefighters have potentially been exposed to this potential toxic poison for years ... as this may date back as much as 10 to 20 years, as sources have advised that paint has been flaking off for an extended time range.

Also, the firefighters must go home after every shift wearing potentially contaminated clothes and may have been bringing it to their families.

Still developing.

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