Scammers are on the prowl in South Jersey lately.

This time, it's going down in the Hamilton Township community of Laureldale.

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An alert went out to residents urging them not to fall for a text message claiming the the fire department is selling t-shirts. If you receive one and it reads like that, you should ignore it.

More specifically, the message reads as follows:

"(Laureldale Fire Rescue) Tshirt (Limited Edition) up to 12% drop down price. Purchase Yours Now > arteetocartab . com/ya Opt out: text PAUSE A080"

If you receive anything via text message that is any kind of derivative from the above message, you're encouraged to ignore it and delete it immediately.

Make sure to keep your wits about you this holiday season. If something looks funny or off, it probably is. Don't be the sucker that falls for this stuff.

Scam after scam; just more reasons why South Jersey residents don't think NJ's the best place to live.

A new survey declared that New Jersey has been voted as the best state to live in for 2021. South Jersey residents apparently disagree with those findings....

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