Can you imagine witnessing your own small child losing her fingers in a terrible accident?

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Casey Cramer and her husband, James.

According to a GoFundMe page, Casey says their daughter Madison had he hand mangled when she unexpectedly stuck it in a meat grinder as the family was processing harvested game.

The accident happened on November 21st. Here are Casey's words:

"Madison is a very caring, sweet, bubbly child who has a love for anyone she meets, especially for her sister and brother. She has a smile that can brighten anyone's day and brings so much happiness and joy to any room she enters. She loves to be involved and is always asking to be of help.. with everything.. like many toddlers do.
Sunday morning started out just like many other Sundays would. Nothing at all felt different nor out of place. We all woke up, made breakfast, and danced around the house having fun. While mommy made a grocery run, dad prepared for the next task on the to-do list and waited for mom to arrive home. We put our son down for his nap and continued our to-do's. But this particular Sunday afternoon took a turn for the worst. As James and I were processing harvested game, our daughter's Maci and Madison, asked to help. This isn't unusual as we allow our children to be involved and learn the ways of our lifestyle. This is something they understand, find interest in and look forward to doing so."
Then, according to Casey, things went really bad really fast:
"While processing our game, Madison unexpectedly and very suddenly stuck her hand into the meat grinder. Four finger's on her right hand had wrapped around the auger inside the feed chute and were fully amputated **I know, take a deep breath because this is as scary and traumatic as you can only imagine. James had pulled his 2-year-old daughter's hand from the grinder and ran for the front door. I immediately screamed for him to take her to the neighbor's house. We are fortunate enough to live next door to first responders. These neighbors own a tree farm which just so happened to have another 6 or so first responders there at this very time picking out their Christmas trees. With immediate medical assistance, my daughter was quickly flown to Cooper University Trauma Center, where she was put into 9-hour emergency surgery. The fingers were retrieved and given to the surgeons before surgery began. Multiple hand, plastic, reconstructive and pediatric Orthopedic surgeons worked hard to save her hand. They reattached the tip of her thumb and put her pinky in place of her middle finger. The other fingers were not able to be reattached. Even more so of a hurdle, the thumb and middle finger have lost blood flow. Without blood flow, there is no chance of the fingers to survive."
As anyone can imagine, expenses are mounting as the family hopes for a miracle.
Casey and James have three children all under five years of age.
A GoFundMe has been established to help with expenses, and hopefully, help Madison get a hand transplant. Find out more here.

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