It shouldn't come as a surprise that a man who was lying in the middle of an intersection in Atlantic City Thursday evening was seriously injured when he was struck by a vehicle.

The ACPD says 32-year-old Clarence Johnson was lying in the middle of Iowa and Pacific Avenues around 8:40 Thursday night when he was struck by a vehicle being driven by 24-year-old Jia Ou.

Cops say Ou was traveling east on Pacific Avenue when he encountered Johnson in the road. This was confirmed by witness accounts, surveillance footage, and civilian footage obtained before and after the collision.

Several other vehicles narrowly avoided Johnson before he was struck.

Johnson was taken to ARMC-City with serious life-threatening injuries. Ou and his passenger were not injured.

Anyone with information about this collision is urged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department Accident Investigations Section at (609) 347-5744.

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