2017 is apparently going to be a very rough year for traditional brick and mortar stores.

HHGREGG Mays Landing - Google Maps
HHGREGG Mays Landing - Google Maps

Following in the footsteps of numerous Sears, Kmart, Macy's and JCPenney stores closing across the country and right here in South Jersey comes word that another chain is facing financial problems.

Rumors have been circulating that appliance chain HHGregg could be facing a bankruptcy filing soon and then word came Thursday that the company will be closing nearly 90 stores across the nation, including three in South Jersey: Mays Landing, Deptford/Woodbury, and Moorestown.

Ironically, HHGregg's Mays Landing store opened in the same place as the Circuit City store that closed a few years back and is located in the same shopping center that formerly housed a Sports Authority store, which also recently shut down.


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