Chances are pretty good that you are not gonna get coronavirus. Of course, stay out of China, Iran, and Italy, at least for the next few weeks. You wouldn’t know that low risk however if you listened to some wannabe shock jocks and TV talking heads.

The words "outbreak" and"‘pandemic" seem to dominate the conversation about a virus, which so far has not impacted even one person in New Jersey. Given that we are the corridor for the Northeast between Newark Airport, Amtrak and the Turnpike, you’d think that we are in a higher risk area for sure. But the facts show that it’s simply not the case.

The fact is the Trump Administration through fast action, limiting travel, testing arrivals and using the resources of the CDC to test and keep the public informed has limited any chance of an "outbreak" in the US.

That said, it’s flu season. Did you know that some health expert estimates show more than 40 million people have already contracted the flu since Oct. 1? Did you know that an estimated 14,000 to 46,000 people have already died in the US? Did you know that the flu this season is having a terrible impact on children with more kids dying this season than last?

Maybe one good thing coming out of the media-fueled hype is that more workplaces and transportation hubs will clean up and sanitize! The bottom line is you have to ask who benefits from a panic? Certainly anyone who thinks that Donald Trump, the guy who is leading one of the best economies in our lifetime, is the problem.

See all the Democratic candidates for President calling out the President’s "cuts" to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This despite the fact that cuts had nothing to do with preparedness for any potential "outbreak" or "pandemic." As a matter of fact, a new study shows clearly that the US is the BEST prepared for any virus or disease outbreak.

Bottom line is that the panic fueled by the media is intended to show that the White House is ill prepared to deal with a possibility of a health crisis. It’s simply a false narrative pushed by agenda-driven media hacks and political elites. That said, we’ve gone through health scares before and the way to stay safe and healthy is to stay calm, trust the experts who are advising simple solutions to stay healthy and go about your business.

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