Most people who go to Atlantic City drive into one of the garages at the casino hotel where they’re staying. They might head right to the beach on a nice summer day, and occasionally take a walk on the boardwalk to get some fresh air.

Often enough you will spot a homeless person sitting on the bench, lying on the boardwalk, or meandering around.

You might even see one riding a black and blue bicycle, dressed as Batman. Yes, black leather cape, leather mask, hood and crime-fighting tool belt. The whole package. He’s known as Atlantic City Batman. Some people call him Boardwalk Batman when they see him patrolling the boardwalk. Yes patrolling. If he sees trouble, he intervenes. If it’s really serious, he will alert the police.

His name is Curtis Bordley, 32, from Egg Harbor Township. He’s been living in Atlantic City for the past two years, basically homeless. He had a job washing dishes at a casino and also held a delivery job in town. Now, he's a full-time Batman. He says he’s on a mission to fight evil and especially bullying. He recently got jumped by what he says was a “thug“ from Philly out near the Irish Pub.

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

They know him in the hood, and they respect him because they know he’s not a snitch. He's had seven different bicycles stolen from him, but he keeps on going. Curtis does not ask for money, but he will pose for pictures, and does graciously and appreciatively accept donations.

AC Batman says he’s out to fight evil, but it seems to be a losing battle. He’s a religious person whose intentions are good, and his heart is in the right place.

He told me he might be ready to give it up soon because there’s just too much evil out there.

So, if you take a walk on the boardwalk or happen to be driving down one of Atlantic City‘s streets and see a guy in a black leather Batman costume, it’s not a promotion, it’s not a gimmick. It’s just Curtis doing his thing.

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