Christmas cards are dying out. No one seems to write snail mail anymore. Want to get even more antiquated? How about a message in a bottle?

According to a family stood on the beach at Sandy Hook, NJ, and put a cute little note inside a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. They put the silver cap back on, wrapped some Saran wrap around it and tossed it into the Atlantic Ocean.

It was the work of Lali Romanek and her daughter Holly plus her sister Irena Wojtowicz and great-niece Olivia.

   "This bottle was thrown into the Atlantic Ocean from Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

   If you find it we hope you're having a good day.

   If you like please e-mail me at

   Lali Olivia

   P.S. Thrown in ocean on May 19, 2019
Hope this finds you happy!"

Indeed it was found six weeks later at Flatrock Cove, Newfoundland. From the Jersey Shore to Newfoundland, Canada. That's over 1,000 nautical miles away and if you were to drive there it would be 1,763 miles.

It was found by a man on the rocky beach there who did indeed e-mail the ladies to let them know.

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