SPARTA — School district officials in this Sussex County community said they received threatening messages from a man upset about schools being on remote learning,.

Police told the New Jersey Herald that the person who wrote the threatening comments on Facebook was a man who lives nearly 90 miles away in Wall, and who did not appear to have any ties to the district.

On Sunday, the district said in a written statement that that members of the Board of Education, teachers union and administrators were threatened with physical violence.

"This is outrageous and unacceptable. We would never accept such conduct from our children and we certainly will not accept it from grown adults," the district said, adding that such threats create a "heightened and inflammatory discourse on social media."

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Police did not intend to charge the man with a crime, saying that his comments did not specifically threaten any person, but officials are seeking to bar him from school property, according to the report. 

The school district has shifted between hybrid and fully remote leaning. On Friday, district officials reiterated that their "top priority" is to return to a regular in-person full day schedule of instruction "safely and expeditiously."

The district invited parents to attend the board's meeting on Thursday and express their concerns in a "respectful, peaceful way." The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Sparta High School and will also be live streamed on YouTube with a phone line available for call-in comments.

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