The search for love, food, or something else has brought some bears out of the woods in South Jersey.

It's not known if these bears are "local bears" that live nearby, or are "other bears" that have descended on South Jersey from outlying areas.

Tuesday, Monroe Township (Gloucester County) Police released a statement about bear sightings in the area of Prosser Avenue, Herbert Boulevard, and Laurel Avenue. Police say there were confirmed sightings.

Perhaps he was displaced from the recent forest fires. Either way, please let him be. He has not caused any issues at this point.

Police also added, "A black bear passing through an area and not causing a problem should be left alone. People should leave the area and allow the bear to continue on its way. When frightened, bears may seek refuge by climbing trees. If the bear does go up a tree, clear the area and give the bear time to climb down and escape."

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Meanwhile, another bear sighting in Stafford Township was reported Wednesday by Stafford Township Police. This bear was seen near Route 9 in Manahawkin, "in the area of Cedar Bridge Road across from Southern Regional High School."

A black bear has been located in the wooded area on Route 9 in Manahakwin. He was last seen heading north in the...

Posted by Stafford Township Police Department on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Stafford Township Police say to use caution: "Please stay away from the area and do not attempt to approach the bear."

It's not known if this happens to be the same bear that was spotted in Little Egg Harbor Township a little over a week ago.

While bears are serious business, we recently shared some rather humorous tips from the National Park Service about safety near bears. That story can be found here.

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