Maybe you've seen the video going around -- it's been shared by dozens of Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. It's been written up by local news sites and national conservative outlets, like BreitbartHere's one copy, from "Breaking 911." (Caution: The language is salty, as described below).

"Hey, how ya doing?" an off-camera female voice asks Gov. Phil Murphy as he dines outside in Red Bank on Sunday. He has a mask handy, but since he's eating, it's not on at the start of the video.

It's not clear exactly how many people are out of the frame, with the person shooting the video. Also heard: "You’re having fun with your family, and in the meantime, you’re having all other kind of bulls--t going on." "You’re such a d--k."

Murphy son asks someone to put on a mask. The reply: "You can go f--k yourself. How’s that?"

And then: “You want to know why I don’t need a mask? Because there ain’t nothing f--king wrong with me."

The governor -- confronted with less profane comments and questions Monday at his routine novel coronavirus press briefings -- said he gets it.

"There's more stress in our state, in our country, than I think any of us have ever seen," Murphy told reporters Monday.

The governor said with people out of work, with business shut down or restricted -- including by his own executive orders, which have limited occupancy in stores and restaurants for months, and originally shut many businesses altogether -- the stress levels are "overwhelming."

But Murphy, who'd been dining with his family during the encounter, said he had one request: "I don't condone out-of-bound behavior. I'm a big boy, and I think I speak for my wife. Let's keep our family out of this."

The governor said he's heard from several New Jersey Republicans in the last day -- he namedropped Jon Bramnick, the minority leader in the state Assembly -- who offered him words of support after the encounter. Bramnick, like many New Jersey Republicans, has argued the governor's executive orders in a public health emergency are overreaching and restrictions should be more subject to review from the legislature.

Bramnick on Sunday night made a plea for civility on Twitter. It wasn't immediately clear from his post whether it was connected to the Murphy incident.

Murphy said Monday he urged New Jerseyans to "all keep each other in our prayers right now

"Who the heck could blame you for being stressed? But let's not allow that to turn into dividing us even further. Let's try to find common ground," he said.

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