When it comes to sports betting, New Jersey owes a great deal of gratitude to former Governor Chris Christie.

Every single time New Jersey sets a new monthly sports betting record, you have the once and future Presidential candidate (Christie) to thank for it.

It was Christie who made the case before The United States Supreme Court, or, none of this would be possible in the first place.

Chris Christie - Gregg Kohl photo
Chris Christie - Gregg Kohl photo

After setting a record by becoming the first jurisdiction ever to record more than $ 1 billion in sports wagering in a single month (September, 2021) … New Jersey has done it, again.

September, 2021 featured $ 1.01 billion in sports bets.

The official October, 2021 numbers have just been released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

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New Jersey has followed up the staggering month of September, with a monstrous October …  which also saw an increase of almost 33 percent for October, 2021 versus October, 2020.

The good news is that the October results proves that September was not a fluke. It is the NFL season, which really helps.

The outstanding New Jersey results continuing into the shoulder season is also critically important.

Two consecutive months of more than $ 1 billion in sports betting handle is unprecedented.

It’s also important to remember that New York is lurking, with its own plans to launch mobile sports betting.

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