This is not a joke.

There is presently a significant concern that the next big problem regarding gasoline is going to be a potential supply shortage.

Until now, supply has not been an issue the problem has been limited to pain at the pump, where a gallon of gasoline costs at least 50 percent more than this time last year.

We learned about this potential problem in a Post Millennial report. The report reads that throughout Eastern Washington, gas stations are running out of gasoline.

it states that in “the Tri-Cities region of Kennewick, Pasco, and West Richland, customers are reportedly pulling up to pumps only to find no gas available for purchase.”

Further, a Facebook group has identified 10 state stations that are currently out of gasoline.

This is not a hypothetical, it’s actually happening already in various parts of the country.

This has resulted in reasonable speculation that the price of gasoline may exceed $10 per gallon.

The current shortages are largely related to regular and premium gasoline blends … however, diesel shortages are also starting to present.

Should we enter a new phase, where it’s not just high prices, but, supply shortages this would bring America back to the Jimmy Carter bad old days, when things like off and even gas days were in effect here in New Jersey and all throughout the country.

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Yes, The supply problems were so severe in the late 1970s, that you could only purchase gasoline on an every other day basis.

Many alive today have never experienced anything like this. It was absolutely terrible.

To illustrate that the $10 per gallon potential is real we have learned that a 76 gasoline station in Auburn, Washington has reworked their pumps to account for the double-digit price according to the Post.

The report quotes a 76 spokesperson, who confirmed all of this under the functionality of its pumps.

If you want to see the various price increases around the country, a good resource is

Finally, a reminder. In January 2021 the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $ 2.41, with many states under $2.00 per gallon.

SOURCES: Post Millennial report,, 76 Gasoline station in Auburn, Washington.

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