Workers at the Apple store in Short Hills have voted not to unionize.

After the vote, the Communications Workers of America accused Apple of union-busting tactics and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Some of the staff members at the Short Hills location had petitioned for union representation on April 8.

Bloomberg News reported the head of the local organizing committee blamed the no vote on strong-arm tactics from Apple.

In 2023, Apple was voted among the best employers in New Jersey.

Apple has not commented on the union vote.

Move to unionize Apple locations

If the vote had been successful, the Short Hill location would have been the second Apple store to approve union representation.

The first was in Towson, Maryland. Workers are now represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Union members in Towson have also authorized a strike, although a date for work-stoppage has not been set.

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In a statement, the union says workers have "concerns over work-life balance, unpredictable scheduling practices disrupting personal lives, and wages failing to align with the area's cost of living."

The move to unionize retail workers

Starbucks employees were the first group of retail workers to push for union representation.

Starbucks Workers United has successfully unionized over 9,000 Starbucks workers at more than 360 stores.


Five Starbucks locations in New Jersey have approved union representation: Ledgewood, Montclair, Summit, Hopewell, and Hamilton.

Workers in a growing number of retail businesses have also joined the push for unionization.

Union votes have been approved at some Amazon facilities. Workers at several Target locations are also launching possible union organization and there has also been some talk of possibly unionizing workers at Trader Joe's.

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