A New Jersey family is grieving after a trip to the groomer allegedly resulted in their dog losing its life.

The family is now demanding answers from the groomer, according to 6 ABC.

The Laddy Family of Mahwah dropped off their healthy 5-year-old-Newfoundland Samson at Glamour Paws Boutique on Franklin Avenue in Mahwah.

Jennifer and Stephen tell 6 ABC,

 "The owner came out and said, 'Oh your dog was hot so we put him out here to cool him off. "We put him in front of a vent and we were giving him some water,'" "I called (Samson) and he tried to get up and his back legs gave out."

The Laddy's then rushed Samson to the vet where he had a temperature of 109.5° and was suffering from a serious, fatal case of heatstroke. Samson's organs began to shut down and the extremely hard decision of putting Samson to sleep was made.

The devasted family are now behind a movement in New Jersey that would require dog groomers to be licensed.

Rosemary Marchetto is spearheading the drive to have all groomers licensed and the founder of Bijousbill.com told 6 ABC,

"The people who are grooming your dog are not licensed. The reason why they aren't licensed - a license doesn't exist."

Marchetto, a lifelong New Jersey resident and animal advocate, also lost a beloved pet at the groomers eight years ago.

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