FRANKLIN BOROUGH — Mayor Nick Giordano sounded off in defense of a fire company's inclusion of a Trump 2020 campaign flag at the recent 99th Annual Sussex County Firemen's Association Inspection Day & Parade.

The Franklin Fire Department hosted the event on Saturday, Oct. 5, with 26 volunteer companies and departments from around the county participating in the festivities.

"If Planned Parenthood can donate monies to politicians then why can’t a group of volunteers support and be proud of their president? It’s the liberal double standard in action. The town was not in charge of the parade, so we have no business interfering," Giordano wrote in an email to New Jersey 101.5.

As reported by the New Jersey Herald, the Sussex County Firemen’s Association president James Ruperto said the group does not have existing rules about politicking at such an event. The same Herald report also raised question about restrictions on non-profit groups with federal tax exemption under 501(c)(3) regulations.

Giordano also said it's "time to stop being petty" and said "people should be outraged that organizations such as the Franklin fire department cannot be supported adequately because of lack of funding from the state."

"Sadly our current administration is more interested in helping those who are here illegally then organization[s] such as the fire departments and volunteers all throughout the state; Many of whom have aging and inadequate equipment to face the challenges they might encounter while trying to save lives, protect businesses and ensure the well-being of their localities. Where is the outrage for that?" Giordano said in the same email response to New Jersey 101.5.

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