Toms River Police are reminding drivers to slow down at the yellow light not speed up after a motorist did just that and it led to a six-car crash on Route 70 Thursday morning.

Police responded to Route 70 and Whitesville Road around 7:40 am for reports of a multi-vehicle crash.

Nicholas Williams, 26 of Edgewater, told officers that he was heading eastbound on Route 70 proceeding straight ahead at the intersection of Whitesville Road.

As he approached this intersection his traffic signal changed from green to yellow.

An unknown dark-colored medium-sized Nissan sedan traveling west on Route 70 made a left turn right in front of him at this intersection.

Williams said that he braked hard and swerved to the right to avoid this sedan but then collided with the stopped traffic on Whitesville Road with the passenger side front of his truck.

After colliding with several cars his truck drove over the curb and came to rest in a grassy area on the southeast corner of the intersection.

When the dust was settled, there were were six cars involved in the accident, four with significant damage that needed to be towed from the scene.

The crash is being investigated by Toms River Traffic Safety Officer Terry Warren.

Two people at the scene were transported to Community Medical Center where they were treated for moderate injuries.

The Toms River Traffic Safety unit has contacted the state regarding the high volume of crashes at that intersection and will be conducting additional patrols in the area. 

"Please do not try to beat the light when you are approaching any intersection with an amber light. Follow the rules of the road, avoid distractions, and always be courteous when driving. We want everyone to get to their destination safely."

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