Holy smokes, that was a really close call!  Manchester Township, Ocean County police  have posted a video of a utility worker narrowly escaping death when handling a wire that was believed to be de-energized!

The wire then caught fire as it struck the wet ground. Luckily, he was wearing proper safety equipment!

According to police, weather conditions were so bad it caused a transformer to explode.

Last night was quite SHOCKING for some of our midnight officers! The rain, wind, lightening and thunder were at full force, causing transformers to explode and electrical wires to drop. In one instance, our officers responded to the intersection of State Highway 70 and Colonial Drive for a report of a traffic light being out due to the power outage. As our officers were setting up traffic cones and directing traffic, sparks were flying due to a arcing transformer.

By morning, utility workers apparently thought the power to the source had been cut, but it had not. The worker certainly seemed shocked by what happened, but he escaped unharmed.

Here is a post containing video of the incident from the Manchester Police department...

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