There is a serious push urging the legislature to pass a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses in New Jersey. A large rally was held at the State House Thursday and momentum is building for a salivating Gov. Phil Murphy to sign such a bill.

He knows that if he can get that done, then getting those votes now or later will be a slam dunk.

The initial plan is for these licenses to have a disclaimer on the back that would prohibit voter registration and collecting of public benefits. But once their foot is in the door, there's no telling where it can lead. One thing for sure, it will lead to a lifelong allegiance to the Democrat Party. Democrat lawmakers like State Sen. Nellie Pou are saying "the time is now" and "it's the right thing to do."

The state could rake in millions in permit and licensing fees and the illegals could possibly see a boost in their annual income. The fact remains that people here legally have to jump through hoops to obtain or renew a driver's license. Adding the potential 466,000 illegals will also surely clog up the system. Besides, why should illegal activity be sanctioned or rewarded? The fact remains that these folks or their parents broke into the country. They broke the law.

Until they can apply for and gain citizenship or the system is fixed in Washington, granting some sort of legal status, they should not be granted the privilege of driving in New Jersey. Both sets of my grandparents were legal immigrants to this country and none of them ever drove a car. They couldn't afford it and they couldn't pass the test because they didn't speak English. My, how times have changed.

Supporters of this movement say it's the compassionate thing to do. It would also be compassionate to waive the federal income tax of struggling people trying to make ends meet in New Jersey, but I don't see any rallies for that. What other laws will we be looking the other way for? Push lawmakers in DC to reform immigration and deal with the estimated 11 to 22 million people here illegally, but don't give people who broke the law a way to make their life easier. Tell us what you think:

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