Remember the day, THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2020. It's the day the state of New Jersey decided to damn the rest of us to move out of state or suffer even higher taxes for a long time to come.

Thursday the Democrat controlled legislature passed a bill to borrow $10 billion to fill budget holes that have grown even deeper with the state ordered shutdown.The state leaders do not care that you hard working taxpayers will have to foot the bill. They just want to keep their bloated bureaucracies growing without interruption.

It will keep government fat and happy, no matter the cost to the taxpayers in the private sector. We already have one of the most unfriendly business and homeownership climates in the country and this will make it far worse for years to come. If there's a way for you to get out now, do it. If you work for government, don't sweat it. Stay until you can collect your pension, if it's still viable, and then go, like many do. Nothing this governor does is for the hard working private sector that feeds the coffers of state government.

It's all to keep government bloated and alive, no matter what the cost. The Republicans in the legislature, as few and ineffective as they are, vow to take the issue to court, claiming it's unconstitutional. But you should have no faith in New Jersey's Supreme Court that they will rule in favor of the taxpayers. What about the businesses that will go belly up and the jobs that go with them? Does the governor or legislature care about them? Not the ones who voted for this, and certainly not the Governor who signed it THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2020.

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