It’s time that, “We The People” have an open and honest discussion about the current destruction and vandalism of historic monuments, statues, markers, plaques and street signs of historic figures throughout American history.

In the past month, more than 100 have been torn down and others vandalized.

On June 22, 2020 vandals came close to tearing down a statue of Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of The United States.

It was erected in 1852. Thankfully, the United States Capitol Police and D.C. Park Police risked their lives to save it from rioters.

Officers were hit by flying objects. The rioters managed to scribble “Killer Scum” on the base of the statue.

It’s true. Jackson, a Democrat, signed the “Indian Removal Act,” whereby thousands were driven from their homes by the United States government. Thousands of native Americans died during their trip, which was referred to as the “Trail of Tears,” as they were chased away from their own land.

It was disgraceful conduct by our government. But, we can’t change that it is part of our history.

Monuments and Statues are erected for historic figures in American history. They were not created for perfect people that we should worship.

Remember, this started as an effort to tear down Confederate Statues.

However, the real agenda of these criminals is to destroy our history. It quickly pivoted from the Confederate Statues to Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and others.

This mentioned group included the man who was credited with discovering America, the prevailing General of the Revolutionary War, Our Founding President, The Author of the Declaration of Independence, the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and the prevailing General of the American Civil War.

By any description, these are truly historic figures. They should be remembered. And, their actions should be taught to all future generations of Americans.

This disgusting movement of destruction has become so prevalent in our society that the magazine “Popular Mechanics” printed a how to guide to tear down statues that you don’t like without hurting yourself.

President Donald Trump and United States Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas have proposed that the Department of Justice begin to prosecute these offenders.

To date, local, county and state level
politicians are allowing these desecration’s to go by unpunished.

They’ve in essence disgracefully de facto legalized it. So much precious history has already been destroyed. We need to stop this before these radicals get their way, again.

Most simply watched as education in America has been radicalized and turned into near indoctrination, particularly at the collegiate level.

We must never allow incidents like this to be considered politically correct or normal. It’s not. Americans should be outraged by this.

If people of good will fail to stand-up, the radicals are going to get away with destroying art effects that represent the founding and entire history of our country.

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