In the past year, it seemed like we were treated to more "car art" or bumper stickers than in most years. After all it was a presidential election year and a period when many people may have had more time on their hands due to the pandemic lockdowns.

Trump flags and bumper stickers seemed to be pretty popular, along with a few 'Bernie' placards, a handful of Hillary 2016s and a smattering of Biden/Harris stickers.

A family member had her car vandalized for her preference. Take a wild guess. Yes, she had several Trump bumper stickers. It may come as a surprise that 63% of people with bumper stickers are women. We're not in a state with a high number of people who have them.

I never had much of a desire for vanity plates or anything that would indicate how I feel about anything. A research study done a dozen years ago linked the stickers to people who are prone to road rage. A lot of people get those oval stickers that have an abbreviation for the place they've vacationed. Yes, there's even one for New Jersey.

I don't care where you went on vacation, or who you voted for or some lecturing moral message you want me to read. Just get the f%#@ out of my way and we're good.

Recently I chased a guy down Route 295, not to yell at him or give him the finger. I just wanted to figure out what was on the back of his car. I was a couple of characters from the movie Toy Story. I just had to risk my life and get a picture, for you....of course!

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo
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