When will this national nightmare end? When will the "crisis management" from crisis actor Phil Murphy and his cohorts end? When will Trenton take the boot off of the back of our small business economy?

The answer is only after NJ residents speak up, stand up and take off the damn mask.

As long as you are acting scared of a virus pandemic that has long since passed, you will be a slave to the arbitrary edicts of this governor. A governor who admits he did not consider the Bill of Rights when exercising the tremendous power of the NJ chief executive. A governor who ignores the pleas from families who lost loved ones in our nursing homes as a direct result of Phil and Judy’s misguided directive. As long as you are telling your kids it’s OK to wear a mask and fear interaction with others, you will continue to suffer. As long as you allow yourself to be scared with the fake science from Phil & Company about healthy people spreading disease, despite that being debunked by study after study, and the ACTUAL evidence of who the virus has impacted and how people got sick. As long as you continue to accept social distance and masks, you will never fully recover what we have all lost.

We are losing our humanity with every mask wearing propagandist who decides to ignore the science and evidence. We are losing our ability to recover as free Americans with every person who blindly accepts the obvious government propaganda designed to have you think inaccurate positive tests are indicators of sick people. It’s untrue. The tests themselves are unreliable and don’t even indicate if the person tested is actually even carrying a live virus which will make anyone sick. Even if positive tests were an indicator, the mask mandates have had ZERO impact on keeping people healthy. It’s perhaps the biggest part of the scam.

You are a part of the problem preventing us from coming back if you believe that the mask is helping you or anyone around you. Mask-idiots have chosen to ignore the facts surrounding the masks. Even the CDC has warned people near the West Coast wildfires that the particles from the fire are too small to be stopped by cloth masks. Guess what is smaller than those particles? Yup, the droplets carrying coronavirus.

When politicians ignore science and then blame the rest of us for ignoring their propaganda only to say we are the ones ignoring science, something is wrong. We are living through political theater that has nothing to do with public health. It’s time to wake up, fight back and take off the mask…before it’s too late.

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