Just because we can’t and won’t do it doesn’t mean someone doesn’t deserve it.

The disrespectful creep who authorities say urinated on a police car while someone recorded it and others cheered him on deserves a punch in the mouth if he’s guilty. It happened in Newark outside a movie theater, police say. While police on assignment were away from their patrol car this slob relieved himself all over it, according to police.

Considering someone recorded it and the video was shared on social media and others were celebrating his big F you to authority, I’d say he’s had his 15 minutes of infamy. Now throw the book at him!

Tauqeer Boyd, 22, was arrested the following day at his home. Antony F. Ambrose, Newark’s Public Safety Director, said the city was not going to let this go. “We absolutely will not tolerate disrespect of our police. We take this as a personal insult. When our department became aware of this, we moved quickly to apprehend the suspect.”

If you’re from the bleeding heart side of the tracks and think this guy just made one bad decision, you should know he was arrested and charged with burglarizing another police cruiser back in October. He and another moron were accused of rifling through the car, throwing a couple of summons books on the ground and going through a Narcan kit that’s used to resuscitate heroin overdoses.

In this latest alleged display of disdain for police he was charged with lewdness, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Since no one in society can actually knock his teeth in, I hope they give him whatever the maximum penalty is allowed by law.

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